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After her first publication "The Mysteries of Madame Q"
"Connection" will teach you the art of Zoom Psychic Readings.

One thing is to learn a reading system, other thing is to actually DO it for people.

Madame Q is a professional psychic reader that offers you all her experience so you can learn the essential aspects to BE an independant "Online Reader".

In this book you will learn:

🔻How to start your business as Online Reader 
🔻The ethics of an Online Reader
🔻How to enchant people via Zoom 
🔻Digital BOR
🔻How to create human connection 
🔻Madame Q Trifecta (her FULL structure to offer online readings)
🔻and a LOT more!

Expand your competences, add a new source of income and enjoy the powerful new opportunities


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